Rebuilding hope

Help us restore lives and communities

In the midst of destruction, hope can be rebuilt, one house at a time. Our mission is to create safe, sustainable and fast housing solutions for the victims of the war in Ukraine. By building modular wooden houses, we want to turn the tide of despair into a wave of hope and reconstruction.

Our mission

We believe in the power of community and resilience. Our small wooden houses are more than just shelters; they are symbols of stability and a step towards normality for those who have lost everything. Each modular house is designed to provide comfort, safety and a foundation for rebuilding lives.

Existing co-operation

Ukraine Aid Association

Exemplary projects impressively demonstrate how the joint efforts of NGOs and companies can lead to significant reconstruction and sustainable support for communities. Housing modules were built on site in close cooperation with tried-and-tested craft businesses - an impressive example of helping people to help themselves. Thanks to this encouraging initiative, 25 families were able to find a new home in new housing modules as early as winter 2022. By November 23, 85 families were able to live on their land again thanks to generous donations.

The next phase of this encouraging project is to build a further 100 houses by the end of 2024 to give the people of Ukraine a stable future.

Winter 2022

25 families

June 2023

57 families

Until 2024

Another 100 houses with furnishings

The path to realizing these ambitious plans began with a model house built by Ukrainian experts in Switzerland. Today, production and assembly take place in the Vinnytsia region, where the "Divario Ukraine GmbH" produces residential modules of the highest quality. The modules are assembled around 270 km to the north, and thanks to the training of local workers in Switzerland and efficient local production, the price of the large residential module can be reduced to around CHF 36,000 and the small residential module to CHF 23,500 including taxes.

This inspiring success story shows how committed cooperation between NGOs and companies, combined with the training of local specialists, can bring about sustainable reconstruction and positive change. Your commitment is the key to giving the people of Ukraine a home and a better future. We cordially invite interested organizations to make a big difference together.


The Ukrainian municipalities play a decisive role in the implementation of the housing module project. The municipality takes responsibility for selecting the residents to be housed in the new residential modules. It gives preference to large families whose homes were destroyed during the war of aggression against Ukraine in 2022.

The government is also ensuring that the construction sites are adequately prepared. For each residential module, 9 tubular foundations are being built to ensure a solid base for the houses. In addition, the necessary connections for water, sewage and electrical lines will be laid to ensure a proper supply to the housing modules. A crane is also placed on the construction site to support the smooth construction of the modules.