Divario UA Window tiles
Divario UA Window tiles

Window tiles

We have internalized the long path from seedling to scantling. We take care of every step, from cutting logs to recycling waste wood.

Our focus on sustainability goes hand in hand with your individual needs. Natural window scantlings and glulam constructions according to your specifications enable customized planning for your production and products. Our specialty is continuous natural scantlings made from oak (Quercus robur) in excess lengths. On request, we use FSC-certified wood and guarantee additional reforestation with our own label.

Our label

Our label stands for consistent sustainability from the rearing of the oaks (Quercus robur), the manufactured product and the use of the resulting waste wood.

Our products

The company

Divario's path to becoming the leading expert in quality scantlings has evolved over almost two decades. Our foundation is a sustainable vision that includes economic cooperation, continuous training and prudent forest management. With a deep passion for premium oak, a strong connection to the Vinnytsia region and a strong environmental awareness, we are committed to this every day.



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